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Reasons Why Clients Choose Therapy With Me

Free 10 Minute Phone Consultation

If you’d like me to give you a call to discuss my services and to see if I can help you through your current challenges, I’ll be happy to do so.

Counselling Rates

I charge standard medical aid rates from R1 050 a session, which consists of a 60-minute consultation at my private practice. 

Experienced and Professional

I have experience with people from all walks of life in a range of mental health and life-changing issues. Therapy can also be offered online.

No long waiting lists

Quick appointments no matter where you live in Johannesburg. My practice is located centrally in Fourways with access to parking.


I am a Counselling Psychologist in private practice with offices in fourways where I meet clients face to face. I also provide therapy online through itherapy video meeting room. I work from Cognitive Behaviour Therapy which is based on how our thoughts causes feelings and behaviour. I am also a certified heartmath coach and apply heartmath principles (attaining sense of coherence through our soul, body and mind and listening to our heart) in therapy.

My preferred mode of therapy is interactional modality and short term therapy approach. I aim to work sensitively with individuals to help them to experience change by influencing their mindsets for positive change.

For Wellbeing, For Overcoming Challenges, For Everyone

While you may have family and friends to ask for help if you’re feeling down or when problems arise, the knowledge, skills, and experience of a professional psychologist or counsellor make a big difference towards realizing the possible resolutions and options available. A person who is given more options or possible solutions to a problem will have an improved quality of life.

On every path lies some type of road block. When an obstacle impedes your path, there are three simple choices: Go back, remain stuck or move forward

Moving forward is the only way to reach your goal, but knowing how to successfully overcome obstacles can prove challenging. I will guide you to the right systems which can propel you forward.

Focused On Counselling That Delivers Lasting Results

I can provide you with a non-judgmental, compassionate, skilled, therapeutic approach to addressing difficulties in your life and working towards lasting change. My approach is to learn about you, to work collaboratively in a relationship based on trust and to draw on my years of experience and theory.

I help you change your mindset, which enables you to transform your life. Most people I see are held back by their own limiting beliefs, they become trapped in a cycle of negative self-talk and become convinced they’re unworthy or unable to accomplish their challenges or goals. I help you renew your energy, improve your mental strength and teach systems to reach your goals and overcome challenges for the long-term.

Lasting Change, Growth & Wellbeing

With my counselling services you’ll discover the tools to achieve them all.

Much more Joyful

I understand the result first hand and know that the ultimate goal is to find your happy place. Through effective counselling, I’ll give you tangible tools, techniques and takeaways to make you feel happier, more capable, more powerful and much more confident.

Much more clarity

Get clear about what you want from therapy and from your life. I’ll go deep into your past, and help you identify exactly what’s holding you back to get the results you crave. Together we’ll put your life under the microscope to identify your growth potential and will put in place a step-by-step plan to achieve it.

Much more Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a core part of how I work with my clients. It may be something of a buzzword these days, but the results speak for themselves. I’ll teach you techniques that can dissipate stress and give you the mental headspace to make better decisions in your life.

Physical address

Therapy and Wellness Centre,  The Gantry Office
Cnr Witkoppen and Straight Av, Eagle Greek Building
Fourways, 2055

Ready to take the next step?

Increased confidence. Measurable results. Immediate impact. That’s my mission — and what I pride myself on delivering to each and every client.


Wednesdays from 13h00- 19h00
Weekdays only after hours except for Wednesday.
Saturdays 9h00-1h00
Sundays Closed
Bookings open all day


Therapy and Wellness Centre
The Gantry Office
Cnr Witkoppen and Straight Av,Eagle Greek Building

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